What They're Saying...

What They're Saying...
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Here's what people are saying about Mark Bennardo
"In short, Mark is an exceptional producer. He has brilliant ideas, was always conscious of my needs and delivered a program far exceeding my expectations. In my opinion, Mark is head and shoulders above his peers. He made me look good."
Mark Papia, Marketing Executive

"There are not many people who effectively understand both the 'executive' and 'creative' mindsets. Mark has that rare blend of creative sense and business savvy. He uniquely offers expertise in both areas and effectively brings the two worlds together in a successful, powerful way."
Jim Mueller, Growthtrac.com

"Mark is one of the most gifted communicators I've had the opportunity to work with. He really understood our needs and helped us accomplish our goals. His intuitiveness and leadership helped us shape our project in a way we never could have without him. He instantly fit in as a member of our team."
John Mangel II, Long Grove Confectionery

"To say that Mark Bennardo is a gifted creative innovator is a given, but along with his ability to communicate, he is also just plain fun to work with. Aside from making sure our needs are always met, Mark has a way of making the process fun and exciting for everyone involved."
Steve Pederson, Willow Creek

"Mark is the best ‘broker’ of the creative process I know. He knows how to leverage the creative contributions of a team and build consensus for which direction to take. I’ve seen Mark work under some very challenging circumstances. In every situation, he maintains his cool and keeps a team moving toward the goal. Even under intense pressure, Mark has an amazing ability to find solutions while keeping people motivated and feeling respected. That’s a gift."
Phil Niemeyer, Harbinger Communications

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