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Mark's Background
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Mark Bennardo is multi-talented. He knows how to effectively wear many hats and successfully manage diverse projects and processes. How did he learn to do all that?

Learning Young
Communication is key to success in life. Somehow Mark Bennardo has always known that. Whether it is from the stage, on the telephone, through film or in day to day life, Mark has always been fascinated with the art of communication and how to tell a good story (or send a message) in a compelling way.

From an early age, Mark was involved in the arts and all things creative. Along with the standard piano lessons (which he hated) and singing in school choirs, Mark also developed a love for the "presentation arts" (a fancy name for Movies and TV).

Mark began performing at an early age in various musical and dramatic groups in school and church. While his parents didn't always understand why he would rather play his guitar than face the consequences of unfinished homework, these passions were actually laying the groundwork for a career in the communication arts.

Having an accountant for a father, Mark also developed a good business sense. He loved learning about the American free market system and began developing an entrepreneurial spirit. He developed an interesting (and somewhat rare) mix of creative sensibilities and love for business.

Rock 'n Roll Band
Throughout college, Mark remained involved in the arts, acting in school productions, but found his musical tastes definitely leaning toward rock and roll and pop music. Having learned how to play just about every instrument in a rock band, he usually found himself out front as lead singer. He also began being pursued as a studio vocalist, singing on jingles and custom projects.

Having always been intrigued by radio, Mark went to work in the field after college and enjoyed the roles of advertising writer/developer, promotions director, voice talent as well as on-air personality. In this environment he began learning some of the ins and outs of advertising, event planning and creative communication.

Creative Leadership
Mark began working with ministries and organizations that needed to present their messages through contemporary live events. While still maintaining his musical performing interests, he began branching out in the area of Creative Leadership. Soon Mark found himself producing events. Over the years, he has had the privilege of Creative Directing and Producing live and broadcast events on a large, national scale for thousands in attendance both on site and via satellite.

Making Movies
Mark also found himself being drawn to video and film producing. Communicating a message with the use of a camera became both exciting and fulfilling for him - a new palette with which to communicate a message or tell a story.

Best of Both Worlds
One of the most unique things about Mark is his blend of communication skills, creativity and solution finding. Mark has the rare ability to understand what someone needs to communicate and then lead a group of creative people toward that solution. He often finds himself being the "bridge" between clients and creative professionals, knowing how to speak the language of both. Mark brings a combination of passion, tenacity and fun to the creative process that is infectious, freeing and effective.

Today Mark considers himself a lucky man. He realizes that there are few people who get to do what they truly love for a living - and he is one of those fortunate few.

Mark T. Bennardo * 1690 Red Coach Lane * Algonquin * IL * 60102