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The Creative Process...
...is often an elusive one. Getting your message communicated in a way that engages and penetrates is often harder than it seems. Mark Bennardo has been a professional Creative Leader and Innovator for over two decades. He has helped companies and organizations - big and small - find their voice with solutions to their communication needs. He knows how to get a message across. With a unique ability to understand the needs of clients and translate them into effective, creative communication, Mark has excelled as Creative Director and/or Producer in the areas of live events, video/film and music production. His experience in Corporate Theatre and national events has established him as a much sought-after professional. As a performer, Mark is very active in the professional music scene and also performs voice over characterizations for recordings.
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Mark T. Bennardo
1690 Red Coach Lane
Algonquin, IL 60102

(847) 458-7237 phone
(425) 671-3522 fax

Email: Mark@Bennardo.net

Mark T. Bennardo * 1690 Red Coach Lane * Algonquin * IL * 60102